With a click of the mouse or tap on your screen, you can manage your ElecTel account:
  • Access account history of savings, checking, money market, CDs or loans.
  • Look up loan info, including payoff information
  • Transfer loan payments
  • Transfer between accounts

Online Bill Pay

It’s completely secure, highly reliable, and best of all FREE! Pay anyone online who you pay now by check – from your mortgage to your dentist. You can even pay individuals, like your housekeeper or transfer money to your child in college.

Send payments to any person, company, or organization within the United States.
(NOTE: Certain payments are not eligible such as federal, state and local taxes, alimony, child support, court-directed or government payments.)

The great benefits of ElecTel’s electronic bill pay include:

  • FREE, UNLIMITED transactions
  • Quick, easy merchant setup
  • Pay bills automatically – schedule payments in advance
  • Pay all the month’s bills from one simple screen in just minutes – with no more checks, stamps, or lunch-hour trips to the post office
  • Set up recurring payments for bills with set amounts, such as mortgages and car payments to be paid automatically
  • Make one-time payments for bills with fluctuating payment amounts, such as phone utility and credit card bills
  • Review payment status and history
  • Export payments to home finance programs like Quicken and Microsoft Money

Why wait to enjoy this time and money saving service?

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